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"I hired Robin Olive & her Straight Up Abilities Dance Company to perform at our school assemblies for our “Every Kid Counts Week”. Our school is an inclusive school and I wanted to show the students the great things that children of all abilities could do with dance, music. The performance was EXPLOSIVE and MAGICAL. Straight up abilities used martial arts, jazz, hip hop, music, and other dance styles. She also, incorporated sign language (which she taught the children to Katy Perry’s Roar). All with the message of being kind to your neighbor, show compassion and understanding. The kids had a fun, wonderful time dancing, singing and doing sign language. They learned, and had a blast." 


"We are so grateful for Straight Up Abilities sharing their wonderful talents and spreading such an amazing message of acceptance and tolerance of people of all abilities. It was a great day." 


~Cynthia Morgan Former Chair,

Every Kid Counts Committee- Carpenter Community Charter School 

Studio City, CA 

"Robin is always great with her presentations.  The students and staff love her assemblies because she gets everyone involved and active. "


~Bill Bailey 


Magnolia School District 

Anaheim, CA 

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